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We at Carservz / AutoGas Systems are Automotive LPG Experts

It is possible to reduce your fuel costs and it may well be that you can save up to 50% by converting your vehicle to LPG. Couple this with the benefits to our environment and LPG is a sensible choice for vehicle owners.

We do understand that the initial outlay for a gas conversion can be difficult for many families to find. Hence we have done our absolute best to source high quality products and parts whilst ensuring we remain as affordable as possible.

We offer a peace of mind guarantee, which includes 5 year, unlimited kilometre warranty offer on all of our conversions.

If you are considering an LPG conversion, or if your vehicle is currently fitted with an LPG system which requires servicing, tuning and/or repairs, please call us first as we are highly experienced and would like to help as many motorists with their automotive LPG requirements. We are also trained & authorised to carry out Orbital Autogas Liquid Injection Conversions.