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When a mechanic says "tune" it can cause much confusion over what actually constitutes a tune. In most computer controlled engines these days, changing of spark plugs, air cleaner and fuel filter change, check compression and a computer scan check is a basic tune, however, age and type of vehicle may need control devices such as egr systems and throttle bodies cleaned of carbon deposits, which may add over an hour or more to the procedure, some vehicles have platinum spark plugs only requiring replacement every 100,000 km but removal and replacement of these plugs and the cost of a spark plug is a major factor.
Frequency for Tuning is mostly mileage sensitive, usually 30,000-40,000km
Cost of a tune starts from $130.00 for a basic tune and upwards from there.
Please take note, Injector/throttle body service and/or attention to control devices such as oxygen sensors can also add greatly to cost of servicing ($150 upwards), however can have significant positives in economy and result in paying for the service costs in long term fuel saving and oil polluting benefits, and increases in engine performance.