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These vehicles are generally higher maintenance, however, some items listed in maintenance schedules for replacement may be due to assumptions that the vehicle is being operated in conditions like river crossings, or high dust environments, causing driveline contamination, or more frequent requirements of replacing air cleaner elements, these areas need to be assessed along with the particular conditions the vehicle has been operating under.
Diesel engines although economical in operation for fuel savings if used for primarily city driving or short distances will see oil contamination at a much increased rate to its petrol equivalent, and as such without more frequent oil changes will see premature engine, turbo, and injector pump failure, all very expensive operations.
Most city diesel vehicles will require an oil change period of around 3 months or 5,000 km and with the higher cost of lubricating oils for diesels and the larger sump capacities this will add greatly to the overall maintenance of your diesel vehicle.